260MC: The Documentary!

Yesterday we finally had the filming of the models so we can document it for our exhibition. We had 6 models in total, 4 girls and 2 boys where we painted each other in white body paint and wrote horrible words on each other, including insecure words that we thought we of ourselves. We were then filmed individually looking depressed to show the oppression vs liberation stages. After that we all painted each other again in neon colours and used holi powder for texture and colour as well.

We then individually were filmed again, in a more confident way with neon lights. At first it wasn’t showing up on camera so much, but then we used the projector which illuminated the screen behind us with a blue background. After that we all were filmed as a group, dancing and having fun to expose our liberated side.


Gulaab Gang



  • Directed by Soumik Sen
  • Produced by Anubhav Sinha & Alumbra Entertainment
  • Distributed by Sahara Movie Studios

A story of one strong, independent woman whose strength runs through her female comrades veins. As she inspires women to live their own lives, teaches young girls for free and fights for those girls who have lost their dignity she disgraces the men who have shamed and and abused women and poor families.

The camerawork and cinematography of this film is so different compared to the usual Bollywood film, it uses more Hollywood types of camera work and is very defined in terms of the quality.


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