260MC: Introducing Interactive Documentary in the context of Critical Media Education

By Danai Mikelli- PhD candidate


  1. Background of the study
  2. Methods
  3. Positive Youth Foundation
  4. Knowle West Media Centre
  5. Imagineer
  6. Analysis
  7. Preliminary results


Background of the study

Theoretical Background

  • Paulo Freire (1927-1997) Pedagogy of the oppressed
  • Problem-posing educational framework vs “banking” method
  • At the heart of Freire’s pedagogy lies the concept of critical consciousness, which refers to raising the awareness of the oppressed and acting towards changing the oppressive elements of society.

What is critical media education?

  • promotes the use of divers types of media in order to question the roles of media in society
  • provides the basis for a “p

Interactive documentary

  • offers a new way to approach, understand , play and learn from reality as it proposes a challenge, provides data to make decisions, forces the brain to retain the data.
  • Mozilla Popcorn Maker (2011)


A new learning system

  • offers experiences that combine entertainment with a didactic and/or educational dimension


Research questions

  • how do young people from disadvantaged backgrounds engage with platforms/technologies designed for the creation?



  • Action research
  • ethnography
  • visual research methods


Data collection

  • the interactive docs created by young people
  • video elicitation interviews with the young participants
  • research diary reflecting on my teaching experience


Action Research

  • Form of participatory democratic educational research, carried out by practitioners into their own practices.


  • research on and in educational institutions based on participant observation and recordings of everyday life in naturally occurring settings
  • has the purpose to provide rich data

Visual Research

  • video elicitation interviews e.g. prompt discussions
  • combined with open ended interviews and focus groups


Positive Youth Foundation

First cycle of action research

  • PYF is a youth organisation in Coventry
  • 7 participants
  • Display their work

Second cycle

  • topics emerged from first cycle (what it means to be a teenager)
  • 4 participants started (aged 14-16)
  • only 1 made it to the editing stage

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