260MC: The Pitch

Our project is about erasing body image dysmorphia through body art. We have spread news about our project through word of mouth and via social networking, this was by setting up a Facebook page and letting our friends and followers know about it. We had posted asking for voluntary models who feel that they can tell a story regarding how body image has affected them and we can confidently say we have received a lot of support and a lot of models who want to take part. The same goes for the artists who reached out to us and who we reached out to.

The whole project will be split into two as the end result. The first part will be an artistic documentary in which the models will appear, talking about themselves in body paint. We’re hoping to include glow in the dark body paint to create a sort of “theme” for our second part of the project. During the filming of the documentary, photos will be taken of the models. These will then be displayed in our second part of our project, which is an exhibition we plan to show the public, alongside a viewing of the documentary. We’ve thought about a sort of “runway” for the models to walk on when the exhibition takes place, however they may or may not feel comfortable doing that.

So far we’ve been looking at the Herbert Art Gallery to hold the exhibition and we’ve contacted them and discussed, however it all depends on when we want to hold it. We were recommended to contact the council office as they may be able to help us hire a gallery.

In terms of models and artists we currently have 7 models and 8 artists, all that is left for us to do is find a gallery or studio and raise enough money through our fundraising campaign. We can also proudly say that we’ve been receiving so much professional artists such as John Poppleton who’s now known for his “glow in the dark” body artwork, and Emma Fay who’s known for her animalistic body artwork. We may even be able to expect her to attend our exhibition.

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