260MC: Task 2

We had to go to Birmingham and visit the Art Gallery and the library. Our group spent a lot of time at the gallery looking mainly at the paintings rather than the sculptures, taking great interest in the details and technique used to paint it.

We also took note in how it was exhibited, which we then analyzed in comparison to how we’d have ours. A photography exhibition was displayed in the gallery, and it discussed the photographer’s perception of the migration of Bangladeshi women to the UK, including her own mother. The room in which the exhibition was displayed, held photos of all the Bangladeshi women on all the walls with a short story of their migration here, and in the centre of the room was the photographer’s mother’s sofa and coffee table, which was explained to be a traditional Bangladesh style.

This then gave me the idea to do an exact replica of the arrangement using our own photos of the models, and displaying them across the walls. I would also use some models stories if given consent and have them either audio recorded next to their photo, or just in plain text. My main subject however, would be the artistic documentary that would play. I may or may not show a behind-the-scenes documentary.

We then had a tutorial with Matthew in the library and discussed the project:

  • What we’ve done
  • What needs to be done
  • Who we’ve contacted
  • Who needs to be contacted
  • Types of media being used
  • How we intend to display the final product

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 01.49.40

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