260MC: Beneath Social Media

We wanted to get the internet involved, since news spreads like wildfire whenever anything is posted, so we created a Facebook page, started a fundraising campaign and created a pin board of Body Image so that people could see little quotes and images saved so they could feel the vibe of body positivity.

We received a lot of positive feedback on our Facebook page, getting loads of likes and a few re-shares, however we’re struggling in terms of trying to get money from the public which is something we need as soon as possible.



Those who displayed interest:

I posted a lot about our upcoming project on university groups and other places such as pre-natal forums, and received so much feedback by those displayed a level of interest. Most of them were from university students who really wanted to get involved by being a model or an artist. I contacted a professional face/body painter called John Ryder and he has agreed to do this project on the basis that we pay him £150 for just the one model due to paints and materials.


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