260MC: Ideas

The idea that I have thought of is mainly around the subject of body image. I want to capture today’s society and its perception on individual bodies and what we think is considered socially correct and incorrect. I would like to include small snippets of the public being interviewed and perhaps even a few volunteers would like to take part in a small side project alongside this.

What I would like to converge with the main body of the subject is art, specifically body art. This is what the volunteers would be taking part, and it can be whoever since the entire topic is regarding individuality and self love. I have thought of contacting a few body painters such as Emma Fay from Leicester who prefers painting animals (http://emma-fay.co.uk/ ) and Vittoria Colonna who is currently in LA and enjoys using her colourful, circus inspiration as a foundation for her art work in both her paintings and body art (http://www.pechakucha.org/presentations/bodies-of-art).

Emma Fay


Vittoria Colonna

I have two ways of doing this, one being all of it filmed as an inspirational sort of video to all individuals who feel they are different. I would have volunteers who understand the motive behind the video and feel that they would find it beneficial, it could be anyone there is no specific type of person we’re looking for. I would have them stripped down naked or in their underwear, telling the camera about themselves, whether body image has had any affect on them whatsoever, then when the motivational aspect comes into the video I would show them body painted and colourful to give out the message that everyone is a work of art and whoever is different needn’t fear what others should think. They should embrace their individuality.

The second way of doing all this would be similar however I would have a live exhibition of those who would want to model and are comfortable, would be body painted and can display their talents or individuality in whatever form they wish to do. This would all be filmed too.


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