260MC: Contemporary Media Practice

Introduction to coursework 2


The Purpose of the University

  • Foster “Religion, education, learning and research”
  • Have a positive influence on the world
  • University is described as an “ivory tower” as a derogative, where you lock yourself up in a beautiful tower away from the rest of the world.


Aim: To work with real people in the real world producing real work.

The Project:

To explore contemporary media landscape and the impact this is having on the city and the people residing in these cities. You will be developing and launching and innovative media project of your choosing, which will engage with the people of Coventry City and the landscape of Coventry City Centre.

You should draw upon skills developed in Level 1 and Level 2 of your degree. The project can take a number of forms, but more importantly it should aim to be innovative and at cutting edge of contemporary media practice.



  • Exhibition
  • Festival
  • Digital storytelling
  • Media installation or experiment
  • Game based media experiment
  • Collaborative open source experiment
  • Performance
  • Transmedia storyworld
  • Sound installation
  • Creative activist project
  • Spoken word event
  • Interactive television programme


This is an open and live professional project. Your only creative limitations are that you must engage with the people of coventry.

You must use at least two different forms of media.

Must be ethical, legal and must not bring Coventry University into disrepute.

200 hours- the amount of time you need to spend on this.

Research, Development, Implementation, Reflection.


Interim Peer and Staff Feedback and Assessment

Friday 5th February- Poster Presentation open to all students and staff.


Submission- Individual Hand in form

  • Project Overview
  • Artist Statement
  • Survey of the Field
  • Relation of your work to the rest of the field
  • Documentation of Project
  • Statement of Impact but not limited to quotations from visitors and participants, survey results, quotes from the media and journalists
  • Feedback from at least 1 media professional
  • Completed ethics and release forms
  • Peer Assessment Form


The purpose of the project:

  • Professional Experience
  • Serendipity
  • Practice for FMP

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