260MC: Beneath Locations and Materials

We have looked at galleries and studios in Coventry and within the proximity, for us to hire out. The main one we’ve been looking at is the Herbert Art Museum which would cost us between £85-£1300, we’re hoping its at the cheaper end of the spectrum. I emailed them today, asking about whether or not it would be possible to book it out and asked them how much it would be, I’m still waiting for a response.


We would exhibit our work in the Studio that they have as that’s what is used for exhibitions.

In terms of materials and paint, we discussed and thought it would be really unique and amazing if we were to use glow in the dark body paint. An artist, John Poppleton, who I have contacted on Facebook, is a prime example of glow in the dark body paint as he used it for his landscape body art series.



He recommended to use Neon Glow body paint from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WL2US3Y?keywords=neon+glow&qid=1454041300&ref_=sr_1_3&sr=8-3) however because this was the American Amazon website we decided to look for other options. We then came across UV Glow Neon Face and Body Paint (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00AMIF0IC?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_3&smid=A35TLIPJBR40KJ). This was more reliable as it would come sooner.


260MC: Beneath Social Media

We wanted to get the internet involved, since news spreads like wildfire whenever anything is posted, so we created a Facebook page, started a fundraising campaign and created a pin board of Body Image so that people could see little quotes and images saved so they could feel the vibe of body positivity.

We received a lot of positive feedback on our Facebook page, getting loads of likes and a few re-shares, however we’re struggling in terms of trying to get money from the public which is something we need as soon as possible.



Those who displayed interest:

I posted a lot about our upcoming project on university groups and other places such as pre-natal forums, and received so much feedback by those displayed a level of interest. Most of them were from university students who really wanted to get involved by being a model or an artist. I contacted a professional face/body painter called John Ryder and he has agreed to do this project on the basis that we pay him £150 for just the one model due to paints and materials.

260MC: Task 2

We had to go to Birmingham and visit the Art Gallery and the library. Our group spent a lot of time at the gallery looking mainly at the paintings rather than the sculptures, taking great interest in the details and technique used to paint it.

We also took note in how it was exhibited, which we then analyzed in comparison to how we’d have ours. A photography exhibition was displayed in the gallery, and it discussed the photographer’s perception of the migration of Bangladeshi women to the UK, including her own mother. The room in which the exhibition was displayed, held photos of all the Bangladeshi women on all the walls with a short story of their migration here, and in the centre of the room was the photographer’s mother’s sofa and coffee table, which was explained to be a traditional Bangladesh style.

This then gave me the idea to do an exact replica of the arrangement using our own photos of the models, and displaying them across the walls. I would also use some models stories if given consent and have them either audio recorded next to their photo, or just in plain text. My main subject however, would be the artistic documentary that would play. I may or may not show a behind-the-scenes documentary.

We then had a tutorial with Matthew in the library and discussed the project:

  • What we’ve done
  • What needs to be done
  • Who we’ve contacted
  • Who needs to be contacted
  • Types of media being used
  • How we intend to display the final product

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 01.49.40

Gulaab Gang



  • Directed by Soumik Sen
  • Produced by Anubhav Sinha & Alumbra Entertainment
  • Distributed by Sahara Movie Studios

A story of one strong, independent woman whose strength runs through her female comrades veins. As she inspires women to live their own lives, teaches young girls for free and fights for those girls who have lost their dignity she disgraces the men who have shamed and and abused women and poor families.

The camerawork and cinematography of this film is so different compared to the usual Bollywood film, it uses more Hollywood types of camera work and is very defined in terms of the quality.

264MC: Short Film Task 1

Individually, produce two blog posts (1000 words each): one at the beginning of the module and one at the end of the module. Blog post 1 should contextualise short film production: what are the different circumstances in which they are produced, how are they funded, how are they distributed etc. Use one short film as a case study but refer to others as necessary. Blog post 2 should provide a critical analysis and reflection of the process of production and your own professional development along with analysis and reflection upon the finished film.

Signs- A short film

260MC: Tutorial Feedback 1

We spoke to Matthew regarding our project, explaining what the idea is and what needs to be done, and what has already been done. We spoke about how I contacted Vittoria Colonna and that she mentioned she would be able to do a Skype Interview for us, as she’s in LA.


We then moved on to talking about our first task where we had to come up with a narrative in an unusual space.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 13.18.32


We looked online for other body image projects and wrote them down on scrap pieces of paper before heading off to the university’s library and covertly putting them in fashion magazines and books.


As I had the idea to have both an exhibition and an artistic documentary, I told Matthew and was given the go ahead to do it as the project is unlimited. We were told to contact more artists and communities such as Weight Watchers etc. so we can have volunteers who would like to share their story.

260MC: Ideas

The idea that I have thought of is mainly around the subject of body image. I want to capture today’s society and its perception on individual bodies and what we think is considered socially correct and incorrect. I would like to include small snippets of the public being interviewed and perhaps even a few volunteers would like to take part in a small side project alongside this.

What I would like to converge with the main body of the subject is art, specifically body art. This is what the volunteers would be taking part, and it can be whoever since the entire topic is regarding individuality and self love. I have thought of contacting a few body painters such as Emma Fay from Leicester who prefers painting animals (http://emma-fay.co.uk/ ) and Vittoria Colonna who is currently in LA and enjoys using her colourful, circus inspiration as a foundation for her art work in both her paintings and body art (http://www.pechakucha.org/presentations/bodies-of-art).

Emma Fay


Vittoria Colonna

I have two ways of doing this, one being all of it filmed as an inspirational sort of video to all individuals who feel they are different. I would have volunteers who understand the motive behind the video and feel that they would find it beneficial, it could be anyone there is no specific type of person we’re looking for. I would have them stripped down naked or in their underwear, telling the camera about themselves, whether body image has had any affect on them whatsoever, then when the motivational aspect comes into the video I would show them body painted and colourful to give out the message that everyone is a work of art and whoever is different needn’t fear what others should think. They should embrace their individuality.

The second way of doing all this would be similar however I would have a live exhibition of those who would want to model and are comfortable, would be body painted and can display their talents or individuality in whatever form they wish to do. This would all be filmed too.