262MC: Blog Task 9

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Game Warrior Review

The programme we have made as a TV group has worked as a format. It is easy for the audience to understand the structure of the programme which is two presenters have a team each (two contestants on each panel) and they spin the wheel deciding which game they will play in the first round. In the second round, there will be a quiz of general knowledge regarding anything linked to games and in the final round the two presenters go head-to head to try and win the overall game. What gives Game Warrior its USP is its spinning wheel of a selection of games, it attracts its audience because its never definite what game the contestants will play against each other.

The set works really well as it defines the specific age range of the audience its targeting because of the dark black and stand out colours of orange, yellow, pink, green and blue.It contrasts really well and attracts a young, gaming audience who would want to interact with the show.

What I think audiences would like to watch repetitively would specifically be the spinning wheel as it is the hook however it would also be the selected games that the contestants would play, with no preparation beforehand as they wouldn’t know.

The script was something I would say could be improved because it wasn’t something that flowed particularly well. I would also have suggested another “final round game” as I didn’t find sumo wrestling really linked to video games which is the basis of the entire show. I would have also used an additional different set/studio so that it didn’t look like only one set.


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