262MC: Monday Schedule (run-through)

11:00 – Meet in Studio.
Morele Tchatou to collect equipment with Ciaran Dyer, Dean Dunderdale, Abbas Lalji and Samuel Jakings, who will then set up the set in terms of tech.
Kelly Hurdiss and Gurleen Gill will setting up any required parts of the set with Shaquilla Caines and Tara Mitchell.
Jack Church will be setting up the game.
Mannisha Mahal, Tom Harries and Kennedy Nkemdirim will be in the gallery turning on machines and setting up the VT’s, all ready to start.

11:20 – Kennedy will be doing sound checks with Gurleen and Jack. Mannisha will be working with Tom, Sam, Dean and Abbas to set up the cameras. Shaquila to set up autocue and test it with Jack and Gee. Lighting to be tested too. (Not sure who yet).

11:35 – Everyone in positions, ready for ‘broadcast’. Tara will do a final ‘sweep’ of the studio and gallery to check that everything is in working order and everyone is happy.

11:45 – 1st Run through.

12:00 – 2:50 – Continuos run throughs.
2:50 – Strike the set.


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