260MC: Blonde Ice Analysis



  • Lots of pan shot (long shot and mid shot)
  • Most shots are mid shot
  • Zooms
  • Rarely any close ups


  • Fades to black
  • Crossfades


  • Mostly non diegetic to fill up gaps and to create an ambience
  • Diegetic sound is mainly the dialogue, not really any background noise to say what is happening

Mise En Scene

  • Set in San Francisco
  • Smoking
  • Mostly interior
  • Range of low and high key lighting


  • Rarely any emotion showed (openly at least)
  • Composed

In order to cinematically make our film similar to Blonde Ice we’d have to follow the conventionsĀ of the camera shots and use pans to display the location and show a wider view. We’d use mid shots and definitely set our film mainly interior.

We’d have to challenge some conventions of Film Noir however and the way Blonde Ice was filmed so our work looks more up to date and unique. By doing this we’d have to use jump cuts rather than constantly using crossfades throughout, and fades to black. We won’t have any non diegetic sound, only diegetic which will be dialogue and background noise. We’ll also be using close ups in order to show emotions and facial expressions.


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