260MC: Placing your media production in context- Script

260MC Script: The Perfect Love Story



Enter James.

James is sitting at his desk, filling out forms and sorting out his paperwork. He looks at the time and notices it’s four o’clock. He starts to pack away his work in his briefcase, puts his coat on and leaves his office. He sees a colleague and approaches him.


JAMES: I’m off mate, see you later.

FRIEND: It’s only four James? You finish at half five don’t you?

JAMES: Finished all my work, so I thought I’d surprise Scarlett and arrive home early for our anniversary.

FRIEND: Ah right, have a good one.

Exeunt James.



Enter James.

James opens a door allowing him outside. He walks and seems to be in a good mood. He passes a florist and decides to pick up some flowers. James walks into the florist and then walks out with the flowers in his hand. James carries on walking down the street. James arrives at his house and puts the key in the door.

Exeunt James




Enter James.

James puts his briefcase down and takes his coat off, keeping the flowers in his hand.


JAMES: Scarlett?

Silence. James looks around the different rooms and goes upstairs. The shower is heard and James proceeds towards the bathroom. He notices that the door is ajar and pushes it open.

Enter Scarlett.


JAMES: Ahh, there you are.

SCARLETT: James? What are you doing here?

JAMES: I got something for you.

SCARLETT: I wasn’t expecting you back this early.

JAMES: Well it’s our three year anniversary baby, thought I’d finish all my work and come home to you.

SCARLETT: You shouldn’t be here.

JAMES: What do you mean?


Bang sound occurs. Flowers drop. Fade to black.




Enter James.

James regains consciousness and tries focusing on his surroundings.There is a figure standing there. He notices that he’s tied to a chair and is unable to get loose.


JAMES: Why am I tied up? James struggles to get out of the rope and ferociously attempts to get out. Where’s Scarlett? Who are you? Where am I?


Enter Scarlett.

Scarlett walks into the light slowly and smiles.


SCARLETT: Hello James.


Scarlett walks towards him and kneels in front of him before kissing his cheek. She licks her thumb and wipes the mark off James’s cheek. Scarlett gets to her feet and takes a few steps back.


SCARLETT: I’ll tell you why you’re here.


Enter Luke.

Luke emerges from the darkness holding a pistol and hold Scarlett by the waist.


JAMES: Luke? What are you doing? Get your hands off her!


Scarlett giggles and holds Luke’s arm.


SCARLETT: Calm down James, it’s ok, me and Luke have become quite close over the past 3 years. Haven’t we baby?


Luke smirks and tightens his hold on Scarlett. James looks away from them kissing. Scarlett notices that James is looking away. She walks towards him again and squats in front of him and rests her elbows on his knees.


SCARLETT: Something wrong, hun?

JAMES: whispers What are you doing?

SCARLETT: whispers What I’ve been doing all this time.


Scarlett gets up and walks towards Luke.

SCARLETT: You see James, you neglected me. Don’t you dare to try and deny it. I don’t like it when I’m neglected. All you ever did was buy me things, and yes I admit I love the things you’ve bought me. I’m wearing the dress you bought me on my birthday last year after all, do you like it? But back to the point, you were never around, I didn’t know who to talk to, then you introduced me to Luke. Your best friend. Ever since then I’ve been seeing Luke, and he gives me everything I want. Then we thought about running away together, start life afresh, but then you proposed and I thought why rush? I’ll wait till we’re married and after a few weeks we can be husband and wife before you have a terrible, unfortunate accident. I’ll be given all your money, and Luke and I will only have to lay low for a few months before we go away. However you had to go and turn up early today because all of a sudden you had the urge to spend some with me. After 3 fucking years.

JAMES: So what? You think it’s unfortunate for me that I have to die today instead of a couple months from now?

SCARLETT: I think you’re full of unfortunate events darling, you’ve just not realised it. As much fortune as you’ve received, you’ve been looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses thinking you’ve got the perfect job, the perfect best friend, the perfect girl. Time to wake up James.

Scarlett walks out of the room leaving James and Luke alone. Silence fills the room for a couple of seconds  


JAMES: Luke? You’re meant to be my best friend Luke in silence looks down Look at me, that’s the least you can do before you kill me.

LUKE: What do you want me to say James? Scarlett said it all. You’ve got everything you’ve ever wanted, you’ve never had to work hard in your life. I didn’t mean to fall for her, but I did, and I don’t regret a thing. It’s about time that I got something I deserve.

JAMES: What by stealing another man’s fiancee?

LUKE: Explain how you’ve ever even been her fiance? You were never there, that’s why she came to me.

JAMES: If you two were happy together I would have been upset, yes, but I would have been happy for you. There was no need for this. Any of it.

LUKE: Oh shut up James, you only ever talk.

JAMES: who planned this?

LUKE: As much as I really hate you, it was all Scarlett. I’m not gonna lie, that is one hell of a woman you picked up. Talking about your murder ever since you proposed.

JAMES: And you actually agreed?

LUKE: Gotta do what your lady tells you.

JAMES: You won’t do it. You can’t do it. We’ve been best friends since we were kids. Have you thought why you are the one holding the gun? Why did Scarlett think of the idea and then make you hold the gun? Imprinting your fingerprints all over it. She’s using you, Luke. She’s going to do the same thing to you.

LUKE: That’s not true, she loves me and I love her, she wouldn’t do that to me.

JAMES: Are you really that dumb, can’t you see what she’s doing?

LUKE: She’s not doing anything! The only thing she’s gonna do is cry at your funeral.

JAMES: After all we’ve been through, when your parents died, who was there for you? I helped you through all of that shit. Everything. I know you’ve not had the best life, Luke, but I tried. I tried to be there for you, to help you.


Luke gets agitated and points the gun at James.


LUKE: Shut the fuck up James! You do not get to play that card.

JAMES: Well at least think about how you two are even going to get away with this! Think about it! I’ll die, yes, Scarlett will get the money, but when you two do run away everyone will know it was you. Your alibis whatever they may be, will be invalid! You’ll be looking behind you for the rest of your lives.


Enter Scarlett.

Scarlett walks in and notices Luke pointing the gun at James. She walks towards him.


SCARLETT: Everything okay?


Luke says nothing, he just carries on pointing the gun.


SCARLETT: Not giving you grief is he?

LUKE: No I just like to fuck with his head a bit.


Scarlett giggles to herself. Luke lowers his arm and looks away from James.


SCARLETT: I need to talk with you, come outside?


Luke and Scarlett walk outside.

Exeunt Luke and Scarlett.


James looks around the room to see how he can escape he notices that Luke has left the gun on the side. James realises that there’s only one exit. He notices the pair of scissors and sees that his feet aren’t tied to the ground so he moves towards them. He picks them up and faces them inward so he can cut the tape around his wrist. As one hand is free the door opens.


Enter Scarlett and Luke.

James rushes to cut his other wrist which is tied when Luke notices that he’s trying to escape. He runs towards him and grabs the gun from the table as soon as James is free. Luke points the gun at James and James stands there.


SCARLETT: Don’t just stand there! Shoot him!

JAMES: Luke put it down. Put it down, you know you don’t want to do this.

SCARLETT: What are you waiting for? Pull the trigger!

JAMES: Shut up Scarlett! You’re messing with his head, you knew that he never had a good life and you took advantage only because you weren’t getting the attention you wanted! This was never about me, you just turned Luke against me. That’s all it is. Luke? Put it down, I’m sorry if I ever made you feel unloved but we’re brothers. You’re my best friend. Where would you go after this? Would you feel better after killing me? If you both want to be together I’ll give you my fucking blessing and my money and you can leave. You don’t have to do this.


SCARLETT: No! You’re full of bullshit! Luke shoot him!


Luke stands there pointing the gun at James but he doesn’t know what to do. Scarlett stares angrily at him and grabs hold of the gun and points it at Luke.


SCARLETT: You were always so fucking weak


Scarlett shoots Luke. James stands there horrified. Scarlett stands there staring there at Luke’s dead body for a couple of seconds before turning the gun towards James.


SCARLETT: Your turn.

JAMES: You’re fucking crazy. All this because I was busy?

SCARLETT: No, I just began to hate you. I only used Luke. You were right all along.

JAMES: Was there anything at all between us?

SCARLETT: Honestly?


Scarlett lowers her arm and looks away for a few seconds. She looks back at James.




Scarlett raises her arm and shoots James in the head.


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