262MC: Formats

Lecture 7- The future of TV

In the UK adults average of watching TV: 3 hours 41 minutes.


What are the 5 most popular UK TV shows?

  • Strictly Come Dancing (10,850)
  • Strictly Come Dancing: The Results (10, 244)
  • Eastenders (8,123)
  • Downton Abbey (7,247)
  • The Apprentice (7,038)

Over 25 years old taste in TV viewing figures. Audiences like “safe” programmes- warm bath TV (like familiar programmes with some entertainment).

Most popular TV genres:

  • Entertainment
  • Drama
  • Documentaries
  • Films
  • News/Weather
  • Sport
  • Hobbies/Leisure
  • Children’s TV
  • Current Affairs
  • Music
  • Arts
  • Religious
  • Education

What worries Terrestrial TV makers?

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Youtube
  • Other Social Media
  • Sky Channels
  • Box Set Drama

1 in 3 children have a tablet computer in the UK, which has nearly doubled in a year.

TV’s dominant place in our homes for the next 5 years may be true, but what about in 10/20 years? TV is already thinking about how it will remain attractive to the next generation. You will be the TV producers for the millenials.

What are you doing when you watch TV?

“It was this sense of where TV used to be seen as a wave where you just sit  and it crashes over you for an hour and you’re consumed, now there’s a sense that it’s actually made up of particles, light. Each of these moments can be bigger on Twitter…”


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