260MC: Placing your media production in context- Sound


Audio vision and critical listening

“we gestate in sound, and are born into sight,

cinema gestated into sight and was born into sound.”

Reduced listening or what is the sound?

(Pitch, timbre, texture, emotion, physical, aesthetic, volume)

  • Persona, Ingmar Bergman (1966)- high pitch, thin texture, anxious emotion creating high levels of tension, drilling sound, occasional changes of emotion and mood caused by “happy music” (flutes perhaps?), another change in mood with the use of orchestrated music to create and suspense (high volume and thicker texture). Bells ringing in the distance (low volume and pitch). Water dripping, diegetic sounds of objects being moved. Telephone ringing in distance seems to be getting closer. Rustling sound (low volume), more water dripping varying in pitch and volume. Non diegetic music begins, very discerning creating a more tense atmosphere. Repetitive string like sounds.

Michel Chion, Audio Vision

Useful terms:

  • Added Value: The expressive/informative value with which a sound enriches a given image so as to create the definite impression
  • Anempathetic sound: sound usual diegetic music that seems to exhibit conspicuous indifference to what is going on in the film’s plot, creating a strong sense of the tragic.
  • Point of Audition: The audial equivalent of POV, The perspective from which we are hearing the sound. What is the soundtrack focused on? Is the soundtrack objective or subjective?
  • Extension of the (diegetic) sound space: The degree of openness or largeness.
  • Internal sound:
  • Rendering: The use of sounds to convey meaning.
  • Synchresis: The forging of an immediate and necessary relationship between something one sees and something one hears at the same time.

The better the sound, the better the image.

“Film is 50% sound and 50% image” David Lynch

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