Title: Game Warrior

Colour scheme: Black and orange

Rough Running order/ structure:
1. intro/ title (45 seconds)
2. introduce contestants, (1 minute)
3. wheel spin (30 seconds)
4. game 1 (1 min, 30 seconds)
5. presenters, wheel spin (45 seconds)
6. game 2 (1 min, 30 seconds)
7. presenters (45 seconds)
8. decider (1 min, 30 seconds)
9. end (45 seconds)

Video Games: Guitar heroes, Mario Kart, fifa, dance mat, singstars, just dance, wii sports (loose points every time they hit things around them), Blur

Decider: laser quest, gunge, go karting, paint balling, sumo wrestling, thumb war




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