262MC: Blog Task 6

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 20.30.18

For this task I chose to listen to Strictly Come Dancing one of the BBC’s most successful formats.

Amanda Lyons- Interviewer

Moira Ross- Executive Producer of Strictly Come Dancing

Gemma Hodgson- Social Media Mastermind for their social networks

Alex McLeod- Executive Producer of It Takes Two

Something new each week for the viewers in terms of the show

It Takes Two has a humorous presenter (Zoe Ball) who is a fan of the show and is excited to be there and puts across the questions that the audience ask themselves. This makes her a spokesperson for the audience, who can deliver herself confidently and can make the guests and the fans watching laugh and entertained, bringing them back for more.

Gemma Hodgson spoke about how Strictly’s online presence was an online support originally, before thinking about how to compliment the show itself so they could display their USP, as opposed to being a separate entity. This favoured them as more viewers were able to catch up on the episodes if they missed them via streaming and it has social network accounts such as twitter for the audience to interact with.

Moira discussed how the schedule ran over both friday and saturday. Running through on friday, the dancers perform, whilst they take notes regarding which shots to use, who to focus on etc. Run through again on the saturday using the same notes, using the live band who come in on the saturday morning as well, go through a dress rehearsal, occasionally pre record, sometimes record the group performance. Take a break during the space when the audience are voting, film the results on the saturday and present it on the sunday. This boosts up the level of the cinematography of the show as it is so organised and its focus brings out the best of the contestants, presenters, and judges, which encourages the audience to watch it because of how well the show is captured through the camera.

10 cameras in the studio breaks up between 8 heads. Prep for series starts in February (casting etc), in July structure is decided but within that they decide the results show should presented in a certain way. Choices are made collaboratively between producers and they decide who will dance what dance and to what music.

This masterclass can help us because of how organised this show is in terms of recording, they have a basic idea of what will taking place every week and stick to the routine that they have created for themselves in terms of going through run throughs, dress rehearsals and pre recordings. The presenters are also really enthusiastic when doing their job which should inspire us because they’re the ones who are creating the vibe and setting the tone, which encourages audiences to watch the show therefore making it very popular. In terms of social media and the show’s website, its clean cut yet full of content, making it appealing for audiences to catch up and interact online.

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