262MC: Blog task 5

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For this task I decided to analyse Total Wipeout (UK) which was aired January 2009, on BBC before they decided to end the game show after four years in 2013.

The Subject Matter- it is a competition for 20 contestants to participate in over a series of extremely painful fitness challenges in order to win £10 000. The participants have to go through courses without falling in water or mud which makes it interesting to viewers because usually the audience instinctively support the contestants, encouraging to make it through the next round. They are all competing against the clock as well which adds pressure to both the contestants and the audience at home because it gives a sense of excitement and competitiveness.

The Hook- The hook would be the the challenges within the courses, specifically “The Big Balls” in the third obstacle which was a series of large, red balls which the contestants must cross, over a swimming pool. As this obstacle was more or less impossible it urged the audience to keep watching it to see whether or not someone would finally cross over.

The Characters- Richard Hammond was the main presenter for the audience at home who would only see him. This encouraged them to watch it because he is a well known british presenter who has presented the famous “Top Gear” with Jeremy Clarkson and James May, therefore making it even more popular to watch. He presented alongside Amanda Byram who was present when the contestants were participating in the challenges and speaking to them afterwards.

The Momentum- What gave this show momentum was the competitiveness, and the reduction of the contestants who weren’t as good as the others because they were slower, due to the time pressure. The £10 000 drove the contestants and the contestants willpower and strength drove the audience to keep watching.

The Prize- £10 000

The Design- Set outside in the first 3 stages before reaching the final stage which is set inside. The first stage is over mud and water, whereas the rest are only over water. The colour scheme is mainly red as it contrasts with the blue water can connote danger, warning etc. as it is a loud colour and speaks out.

An idea to improve this show would be to reduce the amount of money to a specific if they kept falling in the mud or water to keep the contestants more on edge.


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