260MC: The Perfect Love Story (Rough Cut)

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/147067116″>The Perfect Love Story Rough Cut</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user34316961″>Gurleen Gill</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


260MC: Production Progress

We filmed The Perfect Love Story today on Thursday, 26th November. We started at 9am precisely and didn’t stop filming till approximately half 6 in the evening. We picked up the equipment and started filming the first scene straight away before migrating to different locations to film different scenes (several times might I add). In this process whilst filming we decided to take a few photos so we could capture a moment or shot that we thought was too good for our audience to miss.

















262MC: Blog Task 9

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 02.06.55

Game Warrior Review

The programme we have made as a TV group has worked as a format. It is easy for the audience to understand the structure of the programme which is two presenters have a team each (two contestants on each panel) and they spin the wheel deciding which game they will play in the first round. In the second round, there will be a quiz of general knowledge regarding anything linked to games and in the final round the two presenters go head-to head to try and win the overall game. What gives Game Warrior its USP is its spinning wheel of a selection of games, it attracts its audience because its never definite what game the contestants will play against each other.

The set works really well as it defines the specific age range of the audience its targeting because of the dark black and stand out colours of orange, yellow, pink, green and blue.It contrasts really well and attracts a young, gaming audience who would want to interact with the show.

What I think audiences would like to watch repetitively would specifically be the spinning wheel as it is the hook however it would also be the selected games that the contestants would play, with no preparation beforehand as they wouldn’t know.

The script was something I would say could be improved because it wasn’t something that flowed particularly well. I would also have suggested another “final round game” as I didn’t find sumo wrestling really linked to video games which is the basis of the entire show. I would have also used an additional different set/studio so that it didn’t look like only one set.

262MC: Monday Schedule (run-through)

11:00 – Meet in Studio.
Morele Tchatou to collect equipment with Ciaran Dyer, Dean Dunderdale, Abbas Lalji and Samuel Jakings, who will then set up the set in terms of tech.
Kelly Hurdiss and Gurleen Gill will setting up any required parts of the set with Shaquilla Caines and Tara Mitchell.
Jack Church will be setting up the game.
Mannisha Mahal, Tom Harries and Kennedy Nkemdirim will be in the gallery turning on machines and setting up the VT’s, all ready to start.

11:20 – Kennedy will be doing sound checks with Gurleen and Jack. Mannisha will be working with Tom, Sam, Dean and Abbas to set up the cameras. Shaquila to set up autocue and test it with Jack and Gee. Lighting to be tested too. (Not sure who yet).

11:35 – Everyone in positions, ready for ‘broadcast’. Tara will do a final ‘sweep’ of the studio and gallery to check that everything is in working order and everyone is happy.

11:45 – 1st Run through.

12:00 – 2:50 – Continuos run throughs.
2:50 – Strike the set.

260MC: Blonde Ice Analysis



  • Lots of pan shot (long shot and mid shot)
  • Most shots are mid shot
  • Zooms
  • Rarely any close ups


  • Fades to black
  • Crossfades


  • Mostly non diegetic to fill up gaps and to create an ambience
  • Diegetic sound is mainly the dialogue, not really any background noise to say what is happening

Mise En Scene

  • Set in San Francisco
  • Smoking
  • Mostly interior
  • Range of low and high key lighting


  • Rarely any emotion showed (openly at least)
  • Composed

In order to cinematically make our film similar to Blonde Ice we’d have to follow the conventions of the camera shots and use pans to display the location and show a wider view. We’d use mid shots and definitely set our film mainly interior.

We’d have to challenge some conventions of Film Noir however and the way Blonde Ice was filmed so our work looks more up to date and unique. By doing this we’d have to use jump cuts rather than constantly using crossfades throughout, and fades to black. We won’t have any non diegetic sound, only diegetic which will be dialogue and background noise. We’ll also be using close ups in order to show emotions and facial expressions.

262MC: Camera Script

Game Warrior – intro

Cue/ Take Camera 2

Jack: Hello and welcome to ‘Game Warrior’ the game show that puts your gaming knowledge to the test. I’m Jack.


Gee: And I’m Gurleen. As you know our show is split into three rounds where two teams battle it out to become the ultimate game warriors plus they can win this week’s’ ultimate game warrior bundle’


Cue VT


Jack: In this week’s bundle is…

Take VT


VT rolls

Countdown- 5,4, Cue Camera 2, 1, Take Camera 2


Jack: The games are chosen by our ‘show wheel’ just like this *demonstrates* so for example if it lands on ‘…’ Cue Camera 3 then that’s what game will feature in the round.


Gee: But before all that, lets meet our teams! Take Camera 3


Gee speaks to her team and introduces them. While finding out a bit about them (Favourite games, ones they’re looking forward to etc.) Cue Camera 2 then Jack does the same.


Take Camera 2


Jack: So that’s our fantastic teams for this week! Let’s begin the first round and spin the wheel!


*Round 1 – wheels spins to specify game*


Gee: It’s ‘Mario Kart!’ Each team will choose one member to represent their team in the race!


Jack: I love Mario Kart! Double dash was one of my favorite games growing up!

Cue Camera 1

Gee: Same here, I loved the two player co-op function!

Take Camera 1

Each team has a discussion for who will be playing Mario Kart


CUT- Move Cameras To Gaming Area

Cue/ Take Camera 2


Gee: Your team ready to be beat?


Jack: I could ask you the same question!


Gee: Well let’s settle this once and for all!


Mario Kart begins Camera will be changing through out the game


*Mario Kart commences with commentator over the top*

Cue/ Take Camera 2

Gee: With… winning that round the score is currently at… Cue Camera 1

but it could all change…

Take Camera 1


Jack: Because it’s time for round 2, and you know what they say Cue Camera 2 about round 2… FIGHT!…

Take Camera 2

Gee: No Jack.. its the gamers quiz, this will show us and the audience at home how much about gaming you really know!


CUT- move camera to quiz area

Cue/Take Camera 2


Team members can buzz in at any point to answer the questions but if they fail to answer correctly then the other team will get a chance to steal the point!


Jack: Without further ado, lets begin!


*Quiz round begins with the Commentator asking the questions*


Que/Take Camera 1


Jack: Things started to heat up like a magcargo!


Gee: Magcargo?


Jack: Yeah… you know the pokemon? It’s body tempertaure is like 18 thousand Que Camera 3 degrees farenheit! That things hot!


Take Camera 3

Gee: Moving on… The score is now on… Que Camera 2 So let’s move on to the final round!

Que Camera 3

Gee: During this round Jack and I will face off to win 10 points for our teams..


Jack: So… fight?


Gee: Yes Jack, this time we really do get to fight, however we will be wearing sumo suits!


Jack: Sounds like fun to me, let’s get on with it!

CUT- move to The Dome

All 3 cameras will film the Sumo Wrestling


*Jack and Gurleen are ready to fight it out in Sumo suits*


Voice over/Ref: 3, 2, 1, fight!


*The fight commences and the winner is revealed*


Jack: So… won that round making the final score… meaning… wins!



(Improve based on who wins)


Gee: Unfortunately that’s all we have time for this week! But tune in the same time next week for another episode of Game Warrior’s, and if you can’t wait that long then head over to our website http://www.gamewarriorsshow.com to check out exclusive behind the scenes content and competitions.


Cut- End