262MC: Ideas


CONTENT: Your TV format should be studio based. You can incorporate pre-recorded filmed items into your final programme and you can edit your programme after your recording session.


Work out your format so it clearly has:
A subject matter
A premise or point
A driver
Character/s (presenter/contributors/bogeyman)
A competitive element and “prize”
Audience Interaction (social media, playing along at home, phone/skype-ins)
Distinctive branding (set, graphics, music, website)

TEAMWORK: WORK AS A TEAM! You will be working in a big group so it’s essential that everyone puts an equal amount of work to make your format work. The pre-production work needs to be done together as a team – so you will all research and contribute to the production of the final programme.As a team you need to attend the TV workshops and book the TV studio for practice sessions (see Becks to do this).

TECHNICAL REQUIRMENTS: You need to produce a 7-10min ORIGINAL TV entertainment format suitable for broadcast. The format must be presented in a website platform. Your work should show your professionalism, creativity and attention to detail. Audio and Visual quality must be to a broadcast standard. All content must be appropriate for a general audience suitable for adults (unless you choose to make a children’s format). (Excessive swearing, references to drugs, sex or violence will lose you marks).

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 17.36.21



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