262MC: Blog task 4

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For this module we had to form a group of 3 people, who had to take on one role each: The Presenter, The Editor and The Producer. We had 4 people (both played the role of producer as the original producer was unable to fully commit to this module) so we had one more person that was able to give input on this task.

We had to create a drama/quiz/investigation/discussion/performance based on a crime case that had taken place in Coventry. Our group chose to do a drama based on the case of Nicola Payne who had gone missing in 1991. For that we had to write a script which would be acted out and recorded in the radio studio and then edited later. Being the presenter, I worked with the editor and we wrote the script together, going over whose perspective we should use and which characters to include, and which sounds are suitable for the storyline.

We used sounds like a baby gurgling and footsteps going up and down stairs as well as phones ringing which all worked really well  because the perspectives we had chosen were all of Nicola Payne’s family members including her boyfriend at the time, Jason Cooke, therefore the phone calls to each other and pacing footsteps were ideal in this story.

In terms of improving our production I would personally say that we maybe should have shortened some of the characters dialogues so that we could have maybe added another perspective, which would have been the son, Owen when he was growing up. I would also say to have looked for more non-diegetic sound to play in the background so establish the mood that we were trying to set.

Regarding my professional role as the presenter, I think I progressed a fair amount as I learned how to use the radio studio and the equipment which isn’t a skill I used to know. I was able to set up the microphones and adjust the volume and knew how to record the audio, as well as how to transfer it to external hard drives. I also created the script with the editor which was looked at by both producers and approved, and I managed to get external actors to play characters for the drama. I helped the editor look for sound effects for the drama as well as doing research on the Nicola Payne case.

I think I played my role as the presenter very well, I was very enthusiastic and I also played the character Marilyn in our drama showing my dedication to the role. I was fast in learning how to use the radio studio and was able to set up everything for the actors when they had to be recorded. However I would want improve myself, as a presenter, by learning more about the software used in radio and by doing it more often.


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