260MC: The Perfect Love Story Outline & Treatment

The Perfect Love Story


A man who thinks he’s leading the most perfect life, despite not getting everything he always wanted, finds himself betrayed when the love of his life reveals that she’s going to kill him and run away with his best friend. After searching all around the house to find her, he gets hit on the back of the head and wakes up to see that he’s tied to a chair in an unknown place and that his fiancee is standing right in front of him with his best friend. After having to deal with the fact that he’s been lied to for all these years by the two most important people of his life, he plans to escape, but who knows what lies in store for him, and whether he’ll survive?




Luke- Best Friend/Antagonist


Starts off with James in his office sorting his paperwork before checking the time, and getting up to leave. He picks his briefcase up and puts his coat on, before leaving and saying bye to his colleagues who tease him as it’s his 3 year anniversary with his fiancee. James walks along the street and picks up some flowers when he passes a florist, paying the owner before walking along again. He arrives at his house and calls out to Scarlett, his fiancee. No response is heard so he calls out again, walking around the house until he reaches the bathroom, where he can hear the shower running. James opens the door and Scarlett is in the shower who seems shocked to see him before asking “what are you doing here?” at that point James gets hit around the head and is knocked out unconscious.

James then wakes up to find that he is tied to a chair in a dark room he doesn’t recognise, he looks around and focuses on the figure standing in the room who’s back is turned, so the face isn’t seen. He asks where he is, before coming to his senses and starts panicking, trying to loosen the duct tape tied around his wrists. He asks who the figure is and where Scarlett is. The subject in front of him slowly turns around and smiles at him revealing that it actually is Scarlett saying ‘Hi James’. James is shocked and is in disbelief over what is happening. Scarlett slowly comes out the shadow and kneels in front of him, still smiling at James, before leaning towards him and kissing him on the cheek with her red lips. She then licks her thumb and wipes away the lip mark she imprinted on his face. She kneels back down again and asks if James knows why he’s here, James is speechless and is on the brink of crying, Scarlett starts giggling “I’ll tell you why you’re here” she says as she stands up in front of him.

James stares at her until he notices from his peripheral view that someone else is emerging from the shadows and holds Scarlett’s hand. He realises it’s his best friend, Luke. At this point James is completely shocked and still doesn’t realise what’s happening, he asks Scarlett why Luke’s holding her hand before she starts giggling again. Luke is smiling at this as well saying to James that it’s not just handholding they do, then he pulls Scarlett towards him before kissing her. James starts shouting at Luke to get his hands off her, Scarlett let’s go of Luke’s hand and walks towards James again, kneeling down, resting on his knees. James whispers to her “what are you doing?” Scarlett looks at him and says “what I’ve been doing all this time, baby.” She reveals that she’s been having an affair with Luke since the first year of them being together and the only reason she agreed to marry him is because she knew that James’ money would all go to her, therefore she plotted with Luke to kill him eventually after she and James got married, receive his money and run away with Luke. James explains that she knew he was was only ever working for her, so that he could secure their future together. She smirks at him before saying that she was waiting to kill him till they were married but unfortunately he came home a little bit too early. She walks out of the room leaving Luke to stay with James.

James confronts Luke asking him why HE did this, Luke replies by saying that James has always had everything, the girls, the popularity, the love from everyone and that he deserves something in his life. He also mentions that he didn’t mean to fall for Scarlett but he couldn’t help it, therefore he pursued it. James is disgusted by this, saying that they’ve been best friends since childhood and that whatever he had, he shared with Luke. James then asks whose idea it was to kill him, and Luke admits that although he hates James and how he was loved by all he wouldn’t ever think to kill him, that it was Scarlett’s idea. James then questions him more as to how Luke was roped into killing him, and how he actually agreed, and Luke simply replies with “You gotta do what your lady tells you”. James then asks if Luke is actually going to go through with it, despite having to get rid of the body, come up with an alibi, and then go on the run because he and Scarlett will become obvious suspects if they run away together. Luke hesitates in his answer before saying that he won’t have any problem in doing it because he wants to prove his love to Scarlett. James then asks him why Luke’s doing the dirty work, why isn’t Scarlett, despite the fact that it was her idea. Luke doesn’t know how to answer this and tells James to shut the fuck up before threatening to shoot him.

Scarlett comes in again asking what’s going on, and neither reply. She then asks Luke to go to her as she need to talk to him, giving James the perfect opportunity to look around to find an escape, he sees a boarded window and tries to see how he can get out of the chair. He sees a pair of scissors on the cabinet opposite him and realises that he’s not stuck to the ground, so he moves towards the cabinet and takes the scissors, turning them towards his wrist so he can cut the tape off. Trying to be quick but careful, James hears the door opening and just manages to free only one hand before Luke enters and sees what’s going on.

Luke runs towards James, while he’s trying to cut the other wrist free but is stopped by Luke grabbing hold of the gun, on a table nearby, and aims it at him. Scarlett runs in and stands there shouting at Luke to pull the trigger. James shouts at him too, saying that he doesn’t have to do this, that he’s sorry if he ever felt unloved and that everything will be different. He tries convincing Luke that Scarlett used him and will probably use Luke too in the future if she finds a better man, on the other hand Scarlett is telling Luke that James is full of lies and that he only ever loved himself, and that he never spent any time with her whatsoever because he was only concerned about the money he was making for their so-called future. She says that Luke was the only one there for her and knew what she was going through and helped her to fall in love with him. Luke doesn’t know what to do, and puts the gun down for a second. Scarlett then gets fed up and grabs the gun stating the Luke is weak and shoots him. She then faces James and points the gun at him. He stands there and asks if there was anything between them that was real at all, Scarlett thinks for a second and replies “no” before shooting him.

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