260MC: Placing you media production in context- Ideas for film


Mummy Loves You


An unfit mother prepares for her daughter’s 7th birthday after years of excessive drinking and drugs. She has had her daughter for a couple of months after finally gaining custody of her child. She prepares a birthday breakfast for her daughter (cheerios and a cupcake) before telling her that she has a surprise for her birthday and that she has to quickly get dressed because “Mummy’s taking you somewhere”. The little girl gets dressed and puts her shoes on before running downstairs. Her mama says that she has to put this blindfold on because she’s not allowed to see where they’re going.

Dear Brother


An unstable brother lives with his younger sister in a worn out shack. She relies heavily on her brother as their mother passed away when they were young and they’ve known who their father is. The brother is very aggressive towards to his sister and doesn’t have a job of his own. The sister stays at home and obeys his every order as she has no one else in the world who she can trust. One day he comes home and tells her to go somewhere with him, because he has “business to take care of”. However, little does she know that he’s selling her to some men for £1000.

The Perfect Love Story


A man who thinks he’s leading the most perfect life finds himself betrayed when the love of his life reveals that she’s going to kill him and run away with his best friend. After searching all around the house to find her, he gets hit on the back of the head and wakes up to see that he’s tied to a chair in an unknown place and that his fiancee is standing right in front of him with his best friend. After having to deal with the fact that he’s been lied to for all these years by the two most important people of his life, he plans to escape, but who knows what lies in store for him, and whether he’ll survive?

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