260MC: Placing your media production in context

Women in Horror: Moving beyond Misogyny

Bad Reputation:

  • Horror Audience: Male? (Objection: E.g. Cherry, 2009)
  •  Male killers, sadistic pleasure
  • Audience voyeurism

“glamorous and eroticised enactments of violence against women… normalising, legitimating, creating desires for, lowering inhibitions against, and providing imitable scripts for femicide” Caputi (1992)

Misogynistic genre

  • ‘Men’ respond to Hostel: Part 2 with “orgasmic and erotic joy” Sarracino and Scott (2008). This isn’t fact, has no proof


  • “Torture porn” (45 films analysed to see who harmed who, who was harmed and the sexual nature)
  • Killed: 244m, 108f
  • Severe Injury: 293m 144f
  • M harm F: 206 incidents
  • F harm M: 155 incidents
  • M harm M: 351 incidents
  • Not that much sexual threat
  • Memorable offence

Misogyny/sexual violence within mainstream, hollywood studios is rare however is found much more commonly within indie horror and label themselves as anti-mainstream extremity.

E.g. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls & Murder Set Pieces

Clover’s Final Girl

  • Boyish
  • “She’s not fully feminine” on the basis of her “smartness, gravity, competence on mechanical and other practical matters” (1993)
  • Exclusively masculine traits

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