262MC: Formats Production Blog Task 3

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  1. A drama based on the case of Nicola Payne who disappeared in 1991. 7 minutes long, audience from 15 to 50.
  2. Joyful upbeat tempo
    Presenter: Good Morning Warwickshire and welcome to the show! For all those that don’t already know I’m Gee and I hope you’ll have a pleasant start of the day with us. Coming up in the show we will be presenting a drama piece of the tragic story based on the case of young Nicola Payne and following up after that we’ll be debating whether or not we, as the public think that the suspects: Nigel Barwell and Thomas O’Reilly are guilty of the disappearance of Nicola Payne, whose body hasn’t been discovered yet. Further on in the show please tweet me at @GeeCov as I would love to see your support by tuning in on Twitter and and other social media, we will definitely be running through all of them later on. I will be reading out your dm’s and tweets and will be talking to those on the phone discussing the current situation on the case.
    Also coming up, Is Ska music becoming more popular? Personally I love Ska music but I’d love to hear your opinion! Some of the genre’s most loved songs will be playing shortly! For now though I’d like to present to you the drama that is Black Pad! Enjoy!
    SCENE 1

    Door slams shut
    Jason: Right Owen, just you and me. Mummy will be back in about an hour (baby gurgling). You need to go to bed now mister, let’s get you in your crib. (Footsteps going up the stairs). (Silence.) (Clock ticks) *Jason sighs* Where is she? She said she’d only be an hour. I bet she’s completely forgotten the time. Ah well. (Silence) (Clock ticks) Where is she? (Phone rings) Hello? Wait, what? What do you mean “is she with me?” She left an hour and a half ago to see you! Have you called her? And she’s not answering? Maybe she’s gone to the shops. She did say she needed to buy some stuff. Alright well call me if anything changes. (Silence) (Clock ticks) (Phone rings) Hello? She’s still not there? No nothing on my side either. Should we call the police? I don’t know if they’ll look for her because it’s only been a couple of hours. No I can’t let you go out there by yourself. I mean all we know is that she would have crossed over Black Pad to see you and that only takes a couple of minutes. I can’t even help you because of little Owen, he’s asleep. You’ve got Scott with you? Okay well in that case you go ahead and I’ll let you know if she comes here, maybe you should leave Marilyn at home in case she does turn up. Alright talk to you in a bit.
    SCENE 2

    Phone call ends
    John: Right Marilyn, me and Scott are going to Black Pad to see if she’s gotten hurt or anything, Jason is staying at home because Owen is sleeping and Nicola may return there. You have to stay here just incase she turns up, ok?

    Marilyn: Like hell am I sitting here by myself when Nicola could be out there hurt, or worse dead!

    John: Calm down, you need to stay here, what if she comes back and no one’s home? What if she is hurt? That’s the reason as to why you need to stay here. Scott! We’ve got to go look for Nicola! (foot steps coming down stairs)

    Scott: Jason still nothing?

    John: No and he can’t come with us, little Owen’s asleep. (Marilyn sobbing)

    Scott: Nicola’s going to be fine mum. When we bring her home you can give her the biggest lecture you’ve ever given.

    Marilyn: Oh shush and go find your sister.

    John: We’ll try and be back as soon as possible. (Door shuts)
    (Time passing by sound)

    (door opens and shuts)
    SCENE 3
    Marilyn: Did you find her? Silence Where is my daughter? (voice breaks)

    John: I’m sorry Marilyn. I couldn’t find our little girl.

    Marilyn: Call Jason! (sobbing) maybe she went back there?

    John: Alright I’ll call him. (Phone ringing) Jason? Yeah we’ve not found anything, I take it she’s not with you? Scott’s still looking, I’m back home now with Marilyn. (whispers) She’s in a state. (normal) I don’t know what to do. Yeah maybe we should now. Have you phoned any of her friends? And none of them have seen her? Ok yeah, we’ll call them now. (Phone hangs up)

    Marilyn: What’s happening?

    John: Jason thinks we should phone the police now.

    Marilyn: Ok, but shouldn’t we wait?

    John: I think we’re past waiting now.
    SCENE 4
    (Police sirens) (car door slams) (knock on the door)
    Police Officer: Good evening, we received a call from this address, what seems to be the situation?

    Marilyn: Our daughter (sobs), she’s missing!

    John: She left her boyfriend’s house at 7pm to come over here and hasn’t been seen since.

    Police Officer: I see. What are your names?

    John: I’m John Payne and this is my wife, Marilyn Payne.

    Police Officer: I’m Officer Smith. I take it, your daughter….

    John:… Nicola…

    Police Officer: Nicola, didn’t arrive here then?

    Marilyn: No. She left Jason’s house…

    Police Officer: Jason’s her boyfriend?

    John: Yes

    Marilyn: And she never came here. No one’s heard from her, we’ve tried ringing her several times, we tried ringing her friends and nobody’s seen her, and John and Scott went to Black Pad to…

    Police Officer: Black Pad? And who’s Scott?

    John: Black Pad is just a wasteland sort of field which people use as a shortcut to cross through streets, and Scott’s our son, Nicola’s brother.

    Police Officer: And how long did you say she has been missing for?

    Marilyn: Three hours. John and Scott couldn’t find her on Black Pad so we don’t know where she is.

    Police Officer: Right we need to talk to Jason if that’s possible?

    John: I have him on the line right now officer

    Police Officer: Let me talk to him (sound of object exchanging hands) hello?

    Jason: (over the phone) hello.

    Police Officer: Is this Jason Cooke?

    Jason: Yes

    Police Officer: Jason I need to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind?

    Jason: No

    Police Officer: When was the last time you saw Ms Payne?

    Jason: About 3 to 4 hours ago, she said she was making a quick visit to her parents house. She usually calls me to tell me she’s got home but after an hour and still no call I thought i should call her instead.

    Police Officer: Okay, and are you sure that she didn’t go to see a friend?

    Jason: (starts to get agitated) Yes I am sure. I’ve called of her friends. Nobody’s seen her.

    Police Officer: Okay, well Jason I’m going to send someone over to your house just to inspect with a warrant.

    Jason: Okay.

    (Phone hangs up) (Sound of object exchanging hands)

    Police Officer: We’re sending a warrant and another officer over to question Jason and just to search the house for any clues. We’ll be sending another team to Black Pad to see if we can find any traces of Nicola. Just as a precaution I’ll also do a 5 perimeter search around Black Pad, your house and Jason’s house just so we know if she’s been around the area or not.

    Marilyn: Please find my little girl, Officer Smith. (sobs)

    Police Officer: Don’t worry Mrs Payne, we’ll do our utmost best. We’ll call you straight away as soon as we find out anything. Have a good night.

    John: Take care, Officer Smith.

    (door closes) (car starts) (police sirens)


    Theme music starts gently
    Presenter: And that’s the end of the first episode of Black Pad. Will Nicola Payne be found? There’s only one way to know, make sure you tune in tomorrow at 11 am to catch the second episode.


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