262MC: Formats Lecture 2

262MC: Formats Production Lecture 2

The Radio Lecture- Great Speech Is What Radio Is All About

Today’s Lecture: Preparing for the BBC Radio Tour

  • BBC Coventry and Warwickshire

“Good morning and welcome to the show!” Always say “welcome” as it gives a positive vibe to the show and makes your audience feel good.

“What’s coming up?” inform your audience on what the content is for the show and what setting the tone is.

“Callouts etc.” Engaging the audience, range of discussion, range of opinions/voices.

3 issues a station manager would have on their desk:

  • Ratings
  • Guests
  • Money


  • Copyright
  • Competition
  • Offense

How has the radio changed?

  • Website
  • Broadcasted on television
  • Becoming more of a visual medium
  • Playlists displayed on the websites
  • Event links on website
  • Travel updates
  • Inform audience ahead of time on what the content will be and who the guests are later on
  • Set reminders on certain shows
  • Put a camera in the studio

Negative side of Radio

  • Restrictions in terms of frequency despite the fact that its improved



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