201MC: Professional Experience

Professional Experience      

Work Experience Matters?

-Presented by Emma Scott

Creative Futures: The Enterprise and Employability Unit for FAH

Experience is not easy come easy go, it’s about building a portfolio for yourself and your personality. Work experience doesn’t mean you’re forgotten especially if you’re in the creative arts industry. Its about you and only you, its about you answering the questions that you have. You have to engage with the process.

“Employers need young people who are resilient, good communicators and understand how to work as part of a team” John Longworth.

“Business people tend to favour more skilled and experienced applicants” BBC news website.


  • Ensure you have a CV/Portfolio/Examples of work available to send to an employer.
  • Start creating your top ten list of organisations you would like to work with and look through employer websites to find out information on clients they work with.
  • Company websites normally have contact details. Use this.
  • If you see a placement advertisement, which is relevant to your industry, contact the employer and ask if they would consider a placement student.
  • Always follow up an application.

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The ideal attributes of an employee:

  • Resourceful
  • Intuitive
  • Communicative
  • Innovative
  • Early Adopter


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