201MC: Professional Experience

201MC: Professional Experience

What are employers looking for?

  • Professional
  • Visual Impact
  • Quick and Easy
  • Error Free
  • Experience
  • Technical Skills
  • Transferable Skills
  • Evidence
  • Tailored to the company/role
  • Distinctive
  • Qualifications
  • Achievements
  • (Contribution)
  • (Enthusiasm)

Preparation: Identify your unique set of strengths:

  • Skills you’ve learned on the course
  • Achievements
  • Relevant Experience

Transferable skills:

  • Evaluate my own work
  • Initiate, develop and realise distinctive and creative work
  • Work flexibly, creatively and independently
  • Be self disciplined
  • Organise and manage projects
  • Work productively in a team or group, showing abilities to listen, contribute and learn

CV font shouldn’t be bigger than 10.

CV Skeleton:

  • Personal Details:

-Name, contact details (email/number), address

  • Profile

-Short statement representing you (degree you’re doing/aims/how you’re unique)

  • Education and Qualifications

-(How many GCSE’s from grade A*-C)

  • Relevant Work Experience

-Dates from and to

-Contribution (e.g. ideas, stepping up etc)

  • Skills


  • Filmography

-Put details onto CV

  • Additional information
  • Interests

-Relevant and unique

  • Reference


  • Your area of specialty (camera, sound, post production etc.)
  • Link to website/online portfolio
  • Technical Skills (what equipment can you use)
  • Transferable Skills (how can you do that job/what responsibilities do you have)
  • Relevant Employment
  • Filmography- ones as part of the course and ones made commercially or for another purpose
  • Driving licence etc.

Relevant Work Experience:

  • Use Action Words
  • Be specific- fact, results, feedback

What did you do? What are you proud of?

  • Created…
  • Initiated…
  • Promoted…

Do I send a Creative CV?

  • Can create a positive and lasting impression
  • Know the company
  • Your CV can stand out from others
  • Choose images relevant to organisation/role and clear
  • Images must enhance and complement your CV but still have room for details
  • Can use humour or clever strapline
  • The quality of the ending is paramount

Cover letter or email

  • Use the name of the person you’re writing to
  • Do your research before you write
  • Show you are keen, capable and professional
  • Be specific about what you’re seeking- work placement? Job?
  • Give dates available and outline your objectives
  • Outline how your skills, experience and interests match the company’s’
  • How will the company benefit?

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