262MC: Formats Production Blog Task 1

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Why does BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio have a successful radio output in the UK?

They have a variation of subjects to discuss including the the news, several different interests etc, as well as using phone-ins by the public to converse regarding these topics so that the audience who are listening are able to interact and keep themselves interested by the content.

Who is the local radio targeted at?

During the time at which I listened to the radio it was between 6pm and 8pm on a Sunday and the audience that was targeted was the asian community specifically as it played indian songs and was the show was called Midlands Masala. This to me shows that there is a variation of targeted audiences as at a specific time of the week there is a different topic or certain interest discussed. Another example would be around noon when sports are discussed.

Why do local radios appeal to their audience?

The main appeal of local radios I would say is the ability to call the radio and discuss topics over the phone. They are able to tweet and contact them because its likely that what they’ve sent will be read out by the host which is encouraging.