201MC: Professional Experience- Summer Homework

Over the course of the year you will be increasingly expected to start seeing yourself as a professional media practitioner and acting as one. You should, therefore, use the summer to start to research how you can start to use the different platforms and networks open to media professionals to present yourself to the outside world. For example, do you need to have your own portfolio website and profiles on professional networks such as Linkedin/Twitter/Shooting People etc).

During the year, you will be involved in a significant period of professional experience through the 201MC: Professional Experience module. The module starts in October with the main professional experience – a placement, an internship, a self-directed project or a mixture of all of them – taking place from Easter to the middle of May. If you want this to include a professional placement this will have to be arranged and agreed by February 2015. Please followhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/mediaopportunities/ for links to opportunities that could be part of your Professional Experience Module

What you need to do now is to:

·Reflect upon your experience to date and the steps you need to take to improve your professionalism during your second year at University.

·Think about the skills (personal, professional, transferable) you wish to develop during your second year, specifically in the Professional Experience module. Don’t just play to your strengths: use this as an opportunity to develop your weaker areas

·Isolate how you might develop those skills: as a formal work placement, in a number of smaller placements, working independently on a project for a client, working independently on your own professional project etc.

·Contact potential placement providers and arranging placements. The earlier you do this the more successful you will be so it is important that you do this now.

Write at least one blog post that covers each of these areas.


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